Dinner. Delivered.

Enni’s philosophy on everyday eating…

When people go out to a nice restaurant they expect great food, great service, a pleasant experience. When they roll out of bed for breakfast, quickly grab lunch, or come home tired for dinner, their standards drop – significantly. This is not okay.

Eating is an activity that is performed several times every single day. Yes, food fuels us but it could also be a source of inspiration and happiness. In Italy I expect amazing food wherever I go, whatever time of day it is, and less expensive options are not excluded from this demand. And I almost always get it. Why? Because I’m in a whole country that expects it as well.

Everyday eating is the most important kind of eating because it has the ability to make us feel great (physically and emotionally) or make us feel awful (physically and emotionally). I want to provide enjoyment throughout the day for people by way of their meals. I want them to expect from Enni what I expect from Italy.


Dinner. Delivered.

Let me cook for you.

People talk about the importance of knowing where your food comes from. This usually refers to the ingredients… what farm, which rancher. I whole-heartedly agree with this, however, just as important is knowing who turned those ingredients into your meal.

When I’ve eaten at Michelin star restaurants, the chef comes out at the end to introduce himself to the diners. I love this part because as I’m enjoying this glorious food, I’m also thinking, who is the creator of all this? All these ideas and flavors came from someone. When I can connect with the chef behind the food then my experience becomes much richer. It is a magical moment for me, whether it is meeting a famous chef at a high end place or someone’s grandmother in the next room. As you read thru this website, my hope is that you will get a feel for who I am as a chef, as a person, and even as a diner. And that this insight will add quality to your meals.

An email is sent out describing what dishes I will be preparing, the day of delivery, and price per serving. If you are interested, simply respond to my email and let me know how many servings you would like to receive. These meals will then be delivered to your home. Follow a few basic instructions like reheating and salad tossing and you will be ready to enjoy.

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The Meal

My mind is a sea of recipes, tasted dishes, ingredients, culinary experiences, and food memories. I rarely forget something that has to do with food, positive or negative. All of this influences what I cook and what I eat. Throw in any time restrictions, the season, and my mood, and that determines my dinner on any given night. Which leads me to this… there is something that most people ask themselves every day. What am I going to eat for dinner? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always pretty. Often when I deliver food, customers will ask me this same question. My response is “I’m having what you’re having!”

Enni’s Dinners are my answer to that question. I search my brain and cookbooks, see what’s great at the markets, and create a meal that I look forward to eating. I simply decide to make a hundred or more extra servings in case anyone wants to join me.


What to expect…

My original idea for a business name was actually “Flavour” – that’s how important it is to me. The number one question for me when creating a dish is does it deliver on flavor? The answer always needs to be yes.

Weather dictates the availability and quality of ingredients and what we’re in the mood for eating. I look to it every week when deciding a menu.

Most of my menus reflect my passion for the diversity of regional Italian cuisines. I enjoy passing on knowledge about the land and the culture from which dishes originated. French and Hungarian also make it into the rotation.

Multi Courses
Menus include 3 or more courses. I look at the meal as a whole to make sure it’s balanced. Sometimes it might need something extra like antipasti or a side of soup. Desserts are given as much attention as the main and are never overly sweet. Expect greatness from each course.

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