“to eat”

“Drinking a Barolo in this region changed me. It was a seductive experience because it engaged all my senses. Intense… dried red fruits, truffles, cinnamon. Their aroma is in your face, assertive… mushroom, forest floor, earth.”
“What Barolo is to wine, Parmigiano is to cheese. The doors opened and as I walked inside, the aroma filled me up. I swear I left the ground for a moment.”
“If you want to really KNOW a place, then eat in someone’s home. As we walked up the steps I was absolutely giddy in that I realized the gift I was about to be given. This was the home of a pasta maker.”
“Piazza Duomo, 3 Michelin Stars, 16th in the world. This is where food meets art meets genius. Words just can’t describe the beauty of this food.”
“It was an honor to meet this family and hear about their story and their heavenly vinegar. It was like I’ve never had balsamic before. Aged 12 to over 25 years, patience, richness, complexity, reduced down to the soul of the grape.”